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"Liz, One of the things I really appreciate about your coaching is how you intertwine encouraging me to stretch to the next level with my gifts and abilities with a high level of foundational support and positive feedback... So that when I'm stretching to reach higher heights I feel supported by a Jacob's ladder. You are great at your job...." Iris F., York, PA

"Liz has been a key component, confidant, mentor, friend, defibrillator and flagship in my new clean slate life and mid-life career change. Her loving compassion and outstanding nature - not to mention consistent support during my life’s trials, idiocy (my words, not hers), course bumps and headlong brick wall trajectories as well as successes and celebration of my accomplishments has been
a godsend. I enjoy our “training” and goal setting sessions and from the beginning, when I requested straight forward communication and she has respected this need/request by saying ‘what the
hell are you doing’ as needed. I respect this about her far more because I know she has strict ethical and cultural values and bottom line, my best interest and future success at the heart of her work. I love her heart and soul to the core."
Melissa L., Red Lodge, MT

"Working with Liz was absolutely key to my personal growth.  Along with her supportive and optimistic perspective, she applied a keen ability to guide me through change and overcome obstacles. In just a few sessions she quickly and accurately guided me to better defining
my strengths and provided a fresh approach on seizing opportunities.  Using creative and strategic thinking, she helped me focus on exploring goals, dreams and brought forward personal values in communication and change
I had long forgotten.  Her coaching approach is spot on and I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to Bring about transformation and personal growth."  
Scott H., Baltimore, MD.

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